Dotloop: Managing Tasks, Paperless Transactions and eSignatures (Spanish)

22 Jul

(N) Dotloop: Managing Tasks, Paperless Transactions and eSignatures (Spanish)

(N) Dotloop: Managing Tasks, Paperless Transactions and eSignatures (Spanish)

Monday, July 22, 2019 (9:30 AM to 12:00 PM)

Northwestern Dade, Hialeah, Florida Connie Nieto, Northwestern Dade, Spanish, Tech Training

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Presented in Spanish

Instructors will not bring you up to speed for tardiness. *Please respect the time of your instructors and fellow Realtors. 

Get licensed to kill paperwork in less than an hour. Sure we could just unleash you on the world, but a little training couldn't hurt. Make the most of your dotloop experience. Get ahead of the game and get deals done. Buying and selling a home doesn't have to be complicated. Dotloop brings the entire process online. No more faxing, scanning or hand delivering documents.Dotloop:•Saves up to 10 hours per transaction
Provides online convenience
40% faster negotiation process
10% more closed deals
Secure & traceable
Now, everything you love about dotloop is even better. Dotloop has added a ton of new features that will help you get even more, much more than a software update, or a list of new bells and whistles. It's a new way of working they call Peoplework.Peoplework is working better, together, with colleagues, clients and collaborators. It's eliminating hassles you thought you would never cease.

Northwestern Dade - Computer Lab
Northwestern Dade (Computer Lab)
415 W 51st Place
Suite 200
Hialeah, FL 33012

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Connie Nieto
Instructor of Technology Services MIAMI Association of REALTORS®