Virtual: ACE Conversations: How Will Coronavirus Affect Real Estate

26 May

Virtual: ACE Conversations: How Will Coronavirus Affect Real Estate

Virtual: ACE Conversations: How Will Coronavirus Affect Real Estate

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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How will coronavirus effect the real estate industry?

Will home prices go up from COVID-19? 

In this class we will take a look at the virus and its effect on the market, economy, and what it will do to real estate prices and demand. We will discuss how this will effect landlords, home owners, and potential investors. We will also look for possible opportunities that will stem from this to give us and our customers a real competitive advantage, so that you are not caught flat footed with how the market will change. We will have the floor open for questions at the end of this class to answer any questions you might have, so that you are ready for what is coming.

Josh Cadillac

Joshua Cadillac is a licensed realtor, and his passion is helping people take advantage of the opportunities found in real esate. Josh specializes in listing and selling properties, as well as giving guidance to people facing the nightmare of losing their home. His focus on selling properties has made him a top listing agent for the past three years representing more than half of his companies properties. Josh focuses on sellers and making their properties sell quickly by advertising in the right places to make sure buyers are telling their realtors “We want to see this one”.

Since Josh started actively in the real estate industry in 2007 he has risen quickly to the forefront as a leader in the short sale and foreclosure avoidance portion of the market. He often says that “ I entered real estate at the worst time ever and had to learn how to make the market work for the people that needed to sell so that I could make a living.” Josh has grown up around the sale and purchase of real estate since his youth, and in fact was financially devastated by the collapse of the real estate market himself. This is where his passion to help those losing their homes stems from.

Josh has studied extensively in the residential field of real estate and has achieved many designations.   Because of his knowledge and hands on expertise Josh has built a large network of investors that depend on him to find them the best investment opportunities. From the small first time investor to the large commercial/industrial buyer Josh has the experience and skill to help them all.