The 10 Secrets from Top Producing Agents in S. FL

04 Apr

(C) The 10 Secrets from Top Producing Agents in S. FL

(C) The 10 Secrets from Top Producing Agents in S. FL

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 (1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

Coral Gables Office, Coral Gables, Florida

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Explore 6 hazardous bombshells that blow up closings, prepare to overcome them and close more deals. Discovering how to disarm these common challenges helps you impress your clients, increase your efficiency and overcome obstacles. Seize this competitive advantage, crush your competition and save your deals.

  • Defective Title is Bombshell #1. A seller is under contract to sell their home but hidden in the paperwork is a title issue that predates the purchase of their home that threatens closing. The fuse has been lit we show you how to put it out before it reaches the powder keg.
  • Mistaken Identity is Bombshell #2. Sometimes the explosive device is in plain view but it does not rightfully belong there. Your client, or someone with the same name as your client, has a credit card judgment and you can hear it ticking in the background waiting to destroy deal. We help you disarm it.
  • Construction Lien is Bombshell #3. Grenades are being hurled at your deal by a contractor who feels he was inadequately compensated. We will help you catch them, put the pin in and safely dispose of them.
  • Code Violations is Bombshell #4. Your client has stored dynamite out in the hot sun. The local municipality is threatening to set it on fire. Together we will hose it down so it does not destroy your deal.
  • The Old Swictharoo is Bombshell #5. Like an old time cartoon, the seller has turned on the gas and is holding a match above the stove by replacing the nice new appliances that were in place during the inspection with dirty decrepit ones. We show you how cooler heads can prevail by letting in some fresh air through effective negotiation.
  • Change of Heart Bombshell #6. This is the nuclear option. The seller decides he wants mutually assured destruction. He has decided to blow up the deal and no longer sell the property. Through a show of force we ensure the cold war ends without damage to you or the things you care about.

Coral Gables Office - Conference Room
Coral Gables Office (Conference Room)
245 Alcazar Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Orlando Montiel
Orlando V. Montiel Founder-president of THE MONTIEL ORGANIZATION, is the author of “Real Estate in Florida” a Practical Guide to buying and selling real estate and is internationally recognized as the spokesperson for Univision Financial Services and MasterCard, where he speaks about real estate and finance. Prior to Univision he was the anchor on a segment for personal finance and productivity for small business on Telemundo.

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