Broker Webinar: SaleCORE - MLS Integrated CRM Platform, auto-drip marketing, IDX Websites

21 Nov

Broker Webinar: 5 Ways To Generate Leads with SaleCORE (High-Converting Websites and CRM)

Broker Webinar: 5 Ways To Generate Leads with SaleCORE (High-Converting Websites and CRM)

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 (10:30 AM to 11:30 AM)

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MIAMI Realtor Brokers, join us for Live Webinar - A complete CRM platform, auto-drip marketing, IDX websites.

This live webinar will cover an overview of the entire SaleCORE all-in-one real estate marketing solution.  We'll show you how each part works together seamlessly to help you and your agents manage contacts, automate your digital marketing, make your website work for you, and communicate efficiently and effectively with your customers.

ALL MIAMI Members GET FREE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & FREE Website with option to upgrade and include IDX.

SaleCORE is the only real estate marketing software you need to generate referrals and repeat business.  With SaleCORE, real estate brokers and agents can easily build their reputation, better manage their relationships, and uncover opportunities.

Webinar details will cover:

Dashboard:  Better understand prospective customers and turn relationships into deals.  Import and manage contacts, track their activity, and assign to the Agents best fit to meet their needs.

Leads:  Manage prospective customers better by understanding what led them to you, prioritize and route them for quick follow up, and gauge how your marketing is working.

Calendar:  Your agents can view, create and manage their personal appointments and tasks using the calendar.  Add company and office meetings, events to share with your team.

Email Campaigns:  Targeted email marketing campaigns turn prospective buyers and sellers into customers.  Create custom company campaigns to share with your agents and automatically generate referrals and repeat business.

Conversations:  It's crucial to follow up with real estate leads as quickly as possible.  Conversations gives your agents an invaluable and preferred channel to connect with prospective buyers and sellers quickly and reliably.

Broadcast:  Mass email and text messaging are communication strategies that allow you to send emails and SMS messages to large groups of people at the same time.  Broadcast makes mass email and text messaging simple, personal and effective.

Listings:  View and share company listings, or use the advanced map search to find and share other properties with your customers.  Use the polygon tool to define hyperlocal areas and neighborhoods, and market listings in those areas by email or text.

Websites:  SaleCORE offers modern, high-converting, mobile-friendly company websites built around an engaging interactive map search.  Your agents get a customizable, branded template to build their reputations and promote their businesses.

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Marc Theaman, VP of Business Development for SaleCORE

Marc Theaman, VP of Business Development for SaleCORE lives in Palm Beach County with his wife and his dog, Boris.  Born in Brooklyn, he lived most of his life in Wayne, NJ moved to Florida seven years ago.  Marc has been around technology and software that makes life easier for over 20 years.  After a career with companies like Xerox, Samsung and Ricoh, Marc's seen how this simple concept is the most important one of all.  And when you apply that to real estate sles, technology and software that makes sales and marketing easier will drive more customers, more sales and more referrals.

Marc Theaman